Paper Bags – mega trends

  • Advent of organised retail
  • Ban on Plastic Bags across several states and more states imposing ban in the near future
  • General Awareness regarding environmental hazards of using Plastic bags
  • Excellent printability and premium feel of paper bags

Various Grades of Paper a combination of Domestic product and imported product

  • For High strength and high performance bags, papers manufactured from virgin long fiber a necessity. No domestic mill can manufacture virgin long fiber based papers
  • For small bags, lower grammage paper required without compromising on strength properties
  • Food bags need OBA free paper

APP your virtual mill next door

  • Virgin Unbleached Kraft, Virgin Bleached Kraft, White Top Kraft, MG Poster paper, Low grammage high strength kraft from the best mills in the world
  • World class slitting & rewinding and Paper sheeting
  • Any reel width / diameter, any sheet size NOW!
Your Challenge APP Solution
Non availability of Kraft grades in Sheets and narrow reels as most kraft mills designed to cater to large reel widths only. Any size reel or sheet available locally ex- Bangalore
Imports need to be planned THREE months in advance Just in Time – PROMPT delivery from ready stock of jumbo reels
High inventory due to dynamic size changes and long lead time & SLOW / Non Moving Inventory Slitting & Rewinding on Hi-tech Slitter Rewinder – Any Width, Any Diameter –ZERO inventory, buy when/what YOU NEED
Need to buy truck load quantities per item from domestic mills or import min 50MT per item/source Buy quantity as required, even a truck load with different items!
REAL COST unknown – due to volatile US$ – Rupee exchange rates. Fix cost in Rupees – No surprises.
Import hassles, Additional shipping line charges, Demurrage & Detention costs. ZERO hassles, Zero additional costs
Working capital & LC tied up in LONG Delivery and Shipping time & Inventory Release Working Capital by buying against Local Rupee LC – up to 180 days from day you RECEIVE material